Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the the correct answer to each of the questions.

Over the last five years, more and more students from the school have taken part in environmental projects such as tree planting and improving the school grounds. But, no matter how much you do, there’s always more that can be (25) _________ to improve the place where we live.

This year students from the Conversation Club plan to work with local people to make a community garden near the school. As Tim, a student. Says: “No one (26) __________ to live in an unattractive area. If we work together, we can turn these areas into spaces that we can enjoy (27) __________ time in.” This kind of local action is not just about (28) __________ environment. It also helps people get to know (29) __________ neighbors and it can help build stronger communities.

If you care (30) __________ the state of your town, and you are interested in talking part in the project, please contact the school for further information.

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